Prime Scholars International School

A Brief Contour about Our School

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The Prime Scholars International School located in Dwarka Expressway, India over an area of 2.5 acres is dedicated to excellence and meritocracy for the overall progress of our students. Our International school widely known as the epicenter of learning and innovation is armed with the most advanced academic rigor along with the stellar sports facilities.

We put a strong emphasis on creating a culture of relentless learning theoretically and practically since we consider the overall growth of our every individual student is a very serious undertaking. In doing so, we impart the impeccable fusion of contemporary modern education with the morally-correct wisdom through the meticulously-crafted pedagogy.

Our learned teachers undividedly concentrate on students’ areas of the strengths as well as the areas of the needed development with due diligence. This renowned school offers a stimulating, genial and thriving atmosphere to its meritorious and weak students.

Welcome to The Prime Scholars International School wherein the dreams of your kids come true!