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We at PSIS prepare students for life. We not only teach life skills, inculcate values, work on ethos along with Scholastic & Co-scholastic development but also prepare them for better, actually best in life.

Why us? Watch now

PSIS strives hard to set benchmark standards for others to follow. We leave trailblazers and set legacies for generations to come as we prepare our future leaders to rule the world.

Through our dynamic and customized curriculum, we develop and sow the seeds of the purpose of life in every growing child. Being one of the top international schools in Gurgaon our one of the chief aims is to give a sense of purpose to do extraordinary in their lives in the chosen field by developing the can-do attitude.

A sayer is not a good doer. Believing in this philosophy, we create a culture of executing an aim through rigorous preparation. Our learned mentors are always on their toes to shape our students in order to reach on the pinnacle of success through practical and profound preparations.

Being the top international school in Gurgaon our students are also the top performer in their chosen field. We firmly believe that the right person in the wrong field will always meet the failure. So we are at our toes to find out the aspiration of our student’s interest, through rigorous counseling session, and accordingly, we shape them.

Attitude is not something that is outside in us. But attitude is something that is inside in us, and that is counted. We teach this kind of attitude so that our students can become the most valuable assets of our country in the long. From the nursery class onward, we inculcate the confidence of positive attitude through rigorous class training, our various workshops and varieties of activities, leaving no stone unturned.

Through our mentorship, we try to make our students hone up the skills of becoming principled as well as disciplined individuals. This approach of us will give our students the exposure choosing their own unique path without taking somebody else path.



  • Playgroup to Kindergarten 09:00am - 01:00pm
  • Class I - VIII 08:00am - 02:40pm


  • Office Hours 09:00am - 04:00pm
  • Meeting Hours 09:00am - 10:00am
  • Meeting Hours 03:00pm - 04:00pm

Why Prime Scholars International School?


Modified Curriculum for max benefit.
Special Educator, Child Psychologist, Counselor on board.
E-Library with Kindle facility.
Foreign Language from Class V.


Customized ERP System.
Daily Updates.
Reduced Bag load.
Tata Edge Smart Classes.


CCTV enabled Campus.
Buses with GPS and CCTVs.


Air – conditioned building.
Solar panels for E-power.
Water Softener Plant for hygiene.


Highly experienced & trained staff.
Time to time training.
Micro teaching to maintain quality.


Nutritionist recommended food menu.
Stress on eating habits & healthy food.

Best International School in Gurgaon

As a parent hopefully you are finding a top international school near Dwarka. Among all the good schools on Dwarka Expressway, you may find us as one of the most reasonable schools in Gurgaon too. If you are living near Dwarka Expressway, then it will be the best choice for your kid. Among all schools in Gurgaon near Dwarka, we always stand out.

With best facilities and digitalized education system, we are the best private school in this area, Dwarka Expressway. Your kid will not only engage himself with studies, he will get the scope of playing and learning with nature too. Here, in this best international school in Gurgaon, your kid will get the scope to engage himself with different cultures.

The pride of schooling is also important for a child in his childhood and in his future too. This may appear as the best school on Dwarka Expressway. Your kid will get the leverage and pride with his schooling throughout his whole life as PSIS provides passport to the future through its integrated well defined curriculum and case appropriate teaching strategies. All the faculties are highly qualified and experienced in teaching. We will not only educate them, but also groom them to survive in modern work society. Besides ethics and morality will be taught to them, every single second in their classes and playgrounds.

Top International School Near Dwarka

The last thing is the communication system. This CBSE school on Dwarka expressway, will not embarrass you with lack of communication. You will get every possible communication to reach us. Besides, our digital system will provide you the provision to always keep in touch with us. We are waiting for you kid to provide him the best after life and to teach him the rules of life. You will get the best version of your child. Come now, and enrol for the best private school near Dwarka Expressway. Open the door of studies and knowledge for your kid. We are here to show him the way to a better future.