Young children learn best through exploration and hands-on play experiences.

Participation in extracurricular activities is the true predictor of the overall development of a child. Participation in these activities has been very limited due to the explosion of technological advancements.

Our School offers an array of extracurricular activities:

  • Singing: Vocal singing, Shastri Sangeet & Western
  • Music: Children’s Music, Contemporary Classical Music, Dance Music
  • Art & Craft: Ceramics and Glass Crafts, Flower Crafts, Paper Crafts, and Needlework
  • Creative Writing: Poetry, Plays, Movie and Television Scripts, Fiction, Speeches & Personal Essays,
  • Drawings: Oil Pastel, Crayon, Pen and Pink and Marker
  • Dance: Kathak, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Contemporary

We also offer Audio Visual Communication, Drama and Theatre apart from offering the aforesaid activities.